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MHS Ring-600 is a stationary hydraulic machine used to produce concrete pipes. It is a perfect choice for those customers who value simple operation and want to manufacture a vast range of piping elements. Inner diameter of the pipes is from 300 to 600 mm.
MHS Ring-600 is based on hydraulic pressing technology, i.e. a compaction method in which concrete elements are vibrated and pressed simultaneously. Specially designed axial vibrator, installed at the core of the mould, accelerates the manufacture process and reduces vibrations of the machine. As a result, the product has very good resistance parameters and smooth surface and is characterised by high accuracy.
The device is built from a variety of interconnected elements: charging hopper, belt feeder, rotary feeder, gland ring, vibrating table and replacement moulds. Some of the elements are installed in an underground concrete chamber. The entire production assembly covers an area of 6.4 x 3.1 m. The structure of the machine enables a quick and easy mould exchange, depending on current production needs. 

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