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MHS Concrete-Pipe is a fully automated stationary hydraulic machine used to produce concrete manhole rings and pipes. It is an excellent choice for those customers who expect high production capacity and fully-automated processes.

MHS Ring-Bet is a stationary hydraulic machine used for production of concrete manhole rings and pipes. It is a good choice for those customers who expect high manufacture quality and want to produce a vast range of sewage elements.

MHS Ring-600 is a stationary hydraulic machine used to produce concrete pipes. It is a perfect choice for those customers who value simple operation and want to manufacture a vast range of piping elements.





Bogate Ltd. is a distributor of machines used for producing concrete and prefabricated concrete elements. Our main objective is to provide our customers with high quality devices with the European CE quality certificate, manufactured in Poland. Drawing on the 25-year experience in the design and production of machines, concrete batching plants and production lines demonstrated by our partners, we help our customers from many countries offer top quality and high-capacity production. Our strategic partner, Road, has for years been a leading manufacturer of block machines and concrete batching plants in Poland. The company started to build its position almost 30 years ago, responding to dynamic changes in the economy. The end of the 1980s saw a number of transformations in the Polish construction market. A rapidly growing demand entailed new technologies, optimisation of production and cost reduction. Additionally, foreign companies raised standards for domestic machine producers. By investing in new technologies and R&D, our partners quickly caught up with the competition. Simple, low-capacity manual machines were replaced with semi-automated solutions, which significantly enhanced the production. Advanced hydraulic systems, combined with top-quality components, made it possible to build first-class egg-laying and stationary machines and drive competitors out of business. As a result of these changes, PHK Mini Max was created which, thanks to its dependable and reliable construction, has become the most popular product in our offer. Further development of egg-laying machines brought about their full automation. Now, the devices are fitted with advanced Mitsubishi drivers combined with a system of sensors, to ensure precise control of the production process. To meet the expectations of our customers, we are sharpening our focus on new solutions. Our latest achievement is an egg-laying machine with a rotary mould, with the use of which the range of the elements manufactured can be extended to encompass large-size items.

We keep improving the technology to make sure that our customers are offered top performance devices to produce highly precise elements.

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