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Concrete batching plants are a very important group of items in our offer. We provide both fixed and mobile batching plants which can be used both on construction sites and in prefabrication or concrete plants. The dismantling of the batching plant into elements depends on local transport conditions. Fixed batching plants are placed on pre-prepared foundations.

Our concrete production lines have the capacity between 20 and 120 m3/h and are configured individually, dependent on the needs and expectations of the customers. A complete line is composed of a mixer (placed on a platform), an aggregate batcher, belt scales, a charging hopper, cement storage silos, batching systems and an advanced control system, for precise control of the concrete mix production process.

Our concrete batching plants can be used to produce mixes of various grades and workability, with the use of different types of aggregate.

Core elements of all concrete batching plants:
- mixers                                                                          - cement batching system

- structures for under the mixer                                - water dosing system 

- aggregate batching systems                                   - control system

Mixers are offered with a horizontal or vertical mixing system, for effective mixing, quick emptying and high homogeneity of concrete.
Our mixers are fitted with:
- mixing and scraping blades made of materials with high wear resistance
- mixing and scraping arms made of hardened steel
- replacement floor and wall cladding made of hard materials with high wear resistance  
- hydraulic elements
Additional elements of mixer fittings:
- control system, which controls the mixer’s operation during washing
- microwave probes for moisture content measurements in a concrete mi- concrete sampling devices (for testing)
- concrete mix workability measurement devices

Structures for under the mixer:
The platform of the mixer has an own load-bearing structure. It is fitted with stairs, landings and handrailing. The platform structure enables concrete mix collection with a truck concrete mixer of up to c.a. 4 meters in height.

Aggregate batching system:
The aggregate batching lines are composed of a freely selected number of tanks in a series. We offer tanks of various volumes, from 10 to 35m3. The tanks are made of abrasion-resistant metal sheets and protected with a layer of rust-proof paints. They can be filled up through a loader or through a tank charging system, with the use of belt conveyors. As an option, our tanks can be fitted with an electronic aggregate batching system and a moisture content measurement system.

Cement batching system:
 Our offer includes storage silos of various sizes, made of abrasion-resistant metal sheets. The silos are fitted with a cement opening system, safety valves, filters and batching systems.

Water dosing system:
We offer weight systems for water dosing. These systems ensure that the appropriate amount of water is weighed out, as needed for the production of concrete mixes according to the requirements of applicable standards. The system comprises a tank, sensors, controllers and a measuring/dosing system, which ensure weighing accuracy, overflow control and recipe adjustment based on the concrete mix moisture content assessment. There is also an option of recycled water dosing.

Control system:
We offer to our clients a control system that was fully developed by our specialists. This control system fully satisfies the requirements of the applicable EN 206-1 standard that applies to all concrete manufacturers in Europe. The system ensures full automation of the concrete mix production process.
The control system consists of: software, control panel, computer and report printer. It operates in three modes: manual, automatic and service mode. 

System capabilities:

  • Automatic weighing and dosing of ingredients in accordance with the selected recipe

  • Saving several thousand recipes, all editable

  • Adjustability of all working parameters of the system

  • Recipe adjustment based on assessment of moisture content in the raw materials

  • Measurement of moisture content in the concrete mix

  • Reaction in emergencies

  • Registration of the production output

  • Reports on consumption of raw materials (daily or periodic)

  • Generating reports by recipients, operators, vehicles, types of concrete mixes and recipes

  • Completed order archiving

  • Database of recipients with addresses, places of delivery and vehicle numbers

  • Modification of content and graphic layout of reports for the recipient


With all these solutions, our concrete batching plants ensure:

  • high production capacity whilst eliminating physical effort of the operators and minimising human errors


  • satisfaction of processing requirements for individual grades of concrete and performance of the concrete mix production process in accordance with the recipe


  • optimum consumption of water and other raw materials in the production process, owing to precise batching of ingredients and recipe adjustment based on moisture content measurements


  • full automation and visualisation of the production process 


  • full registration of the production output and printing of transport documents


  • optimum production site planning owing to adjustment of the line settings to local conditions


  • satisfaction of the legally imposed OHS requirements owing to the use of sensors, shields, handrailings and balustrades


  • satisfaction of environmental requirements through the use of solutions that minimise negative impact on the environment



Bogate Ltd. is a distributor of machines used for producing concrete and prefabricated concrete elements. Our main objective is to provide our customers with high quality devices with the European CE quality certificate, manufactured in Poland. Drawing on the 25-year experience in the design and production of machines, concrete batching plants and production lines demonstrated by our partners, we help our customers from many countries offer top quality and high-capacity production. Our strategic partner, Road, has for years been a leading manufacturer of block machines and concrete batching plants in Poland. The company started to build its position almost 30 years ago, responding to dynamic changes in the economy. The end of the 1980s saw a number of transformations in the Polish construction market. A rapidly growing demand entailed new technologies, optimisation of production and cost reduction. Additionally, foreign companies raised standards for domestic machine producers. By investing in new technologies and R&D, our partners quickly caught up with the competition. Simple, low-capacity manual machines were replaced with semi-automated solutions, which significantly enhanced the production. Advanced hydraulic systems, combined with top-quality components, made it possible to build first-class egg-laying and stationary machines and drive competitors out of business. As a result of these changes, PHK Mini Max was created which, thanks to its dependable and reliable construction, has become the most popular product in our offer. Further development of egg-laying machines brought about their full automation. Now, the devices are fitted with advanced Mitsubishi drivers combined with a system of sensors, to ensure precise control of the production process. To meet the expectations of our customers, we are sharpening our focus on new solutions. Our latest achievement is an egg-laying machine with a rotary mould, with the use of which the range of the elements manufactured can be extended to encompass large-size items.

We keep improving the technology to make sure that our customers are offered top performance devices to produce highly precise elements.

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