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MFK Orion 3 is a fully automated egg-laying machine for customers which expect high production capacity and a wide range of elements.
It is a technologically advanced machine, which has been quickly appreciated by our customers. As one of the very few big egg-laying machines on the market of, it does not require a trackbed, but runs on dedicated reinforced wheels.
MFK Orion 3 can be used to produce a variety of elements such as concrete blocks, structural-wall tiles, concrete filler blocks, ventilating bricks, chimney blocks as well as lawn edges, kerbs, drain troughs and openwork concrete elements. The machine is characterised by the biggest production range in our offer (element height: 10 to 50 cm). It is also the only egg-laying machine sold in a version with two charging hoppers, to manufacture double-layered elements (e.g. kerbs and lawn edges).
MFK Orion 3 is weather-resistant. With the additional cooling system, it can also be operated in a tropical climate. Simple mould exchange system enables quick adjustment of production to current customer’s needs.
The machine is fitted with 6 vibrators, which ensure top quality of the elements produced. A dedicated  vibration damping system ensures stability of the device and good vibration isolation, while the hydraulic drive makes the machine move smoothly.
MFK Orion 3 is fully automated. It is controlled through the fail-safe Mitsubishi FX controller, which guarantees stable operation in difficult weather, high accuracy and repeatability of the product, as well as precise control of all parameters of the machine. There is also a possibility to control manually the production process.

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