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PHS MINI-MAX is a good choice for those customers who value high production capacity and top quality. It is a stationary version of the proven PHK MINI-MAX egg-laying machine used to produce concrete elements. Owing to its solid structure, which we have continually upgraded for almost 20 years, the machine is valued by a large number of customers. Among the key assets of the machine are high production capacity and small size (3.8 x 1.9 x 2.85 m). PHS MINI-MAX can be used for production of a variety of elements such as concrete blocks, structural-wall tiles, concrete filler blocks, ventilating bricks as well as lawn edges and openwork concrete elements. Additionally, the machine is recommended for its high production accuracy and broader use than the egg-laying model (height of the elements: 10 to 25 cm).

The machine operates in a stationary mode. Empty pallets are fed from the feeder to the vibrating table, where concrete elements are formed. Eventually, the finished products are transported on pallets with a chain conveyor. The production line can be extended by an additional storing device, i.e., a stacker, which is used to pile the newly-produced elements on dedicated racks.
PHS MINI-MAX is weather-resistant. With the additional cooling system, it can also be operated in a tropical climate. The simple mould exchange system enables quick adjustment of production to current customer’s needs. PHS MINI-MAX is fitted with a manual control panel, which makes the device controllable by one operator. Additionally, there are 4 vibrators fixed in the machine: 2 on the mould and 2 under the vibrating table, as well as a specialised system to reduce vibration transfer. 


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