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PDL MINI-MAX is a compact production line for small customers expecting high manufacture quality. It is the smallest of all production lines that we have in our offer, a perfect choice for companies seated at a considerable distance from concrete plants. The production line is composed of the stationary PHS Mini-Max machine, the RMT 600/400 mixer, aggregate feeder and a concrete mix belt feeder. 

The line is used for production of a variety of elements such as, for instance, concrete blocks, structural-wall tiles, concrete filler blocks, ventilating bricks as well as lawn edges and openwork concrete elements. All elements are manufactured with high accuracy. Detailed parameters of the PHS Mini-Max block machine are specified in a separate catalogue sheet.
The line has been fitted with a pan mixer (volume: 0.4m3, one-cycle production). Owing to the use of claddings made of abrasion-resistant steel, HARDOX 400, it is highly durable. The ingredients are fed to the mixer in a hopper feeder, while ready-made concrete mix is poured out onto the belt feeder, which transports it to the Mini-Max block machine. Cement can also be emptied out of bags directly to the mixer. The mixer is controlled manually.


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